Mahima started dabbling in the arts when she was five years old. It was around this time her brain would fly into a frivolous frenzy of creativity.  When life was tough (or just plain boring) she would often escape into a world of imagination with her imaginary friend, an androgynous cartoon monkey, to escape the realities of life. She found many parallels of her escape into imagination with the escape she felt when she went to the theatre to watch films. As a result she developed a fascination for films. Her vivid imaginations helped her develop a whimsical narrative to her style of art. She continued to develop into an artist for years to come. Through out her high school and college career she took various fine art courses.  Mahima uses the colors and textures in the environment around her to influence her art. It was her penchant for art laced with her fanaticism for film that led her to pursue a career in animation. She has recently graduated with an MFA Degree from the Rochester Institute of Technology.